Memorial Day 2015

Better late than never I thought as I began setting up this blog.  Do people even read these anymore?  It’s been over a decade since blogging started.  I still read them here and there, so why now should I start one?

Perhaps it’s because my children are growing up just as fast as I was warned they would.  I want to be able to chronicle our lives in the frenzy of living, so that someday we can go back and read over our family experiences. Holding them as babies, the days seemed long and tiresome.  But now my first baby is approaching the “tween” years and asking me for a phone on a daily basis.  Since when did a baby need a phone?

Perhaps it’s also due to the fact that there is a lot happening around me, in our community, and in our world that I have opinions about.  The time and place to express those thoughts and feelings doesn’t always present itself in this busy life I lead.  Herein is the beauty of blogging; to write what I want when I want.

I tend to express my views and will welcome others.  I will unashamedly discuss my faith as it remains the one thing in my life that still mystifies and solidifies me at the same time.  And there’s plenty to discuss when it comes to parenting, food, shopping and traveling.  Looking forward to blogging about it all!

Thank you for reading.