Ask a silly question and get a silly answer!

Maybe you’ve seen these groups that have emerged on Facebook as the “go to” for question asking.  They’re named, “Ask…” and then the name of the community.  It amazes me the kinds of questions that are asked on these sites.

I enjoy getting recommendations for an electrician, a good bakery, or a fence repairman.  But.  There are some questions that leave my speechless.  One day a man asked, “Hey ya’ll.  I’ve been coughing for three days.  What should I do?”  My first thought was “Dear Lord I hope you don’t have a child to take care of.”  If you can’t figure out what to do, like, see a doctor or visit a pharmacist, then you shouldn’t be allowed to take care of children or operate machinery.

But then the crazier thing is how people think they know everything and have all the answers to the questions!  For the cougher, one person said drink tequila with a worm, another lady gave a homemade recipe for a cream that he could rub…well I’ll leave the rest of that part off.  No one said, “Go see a doctor.”  Geniuses.  They don’t have a medical degree, but hey, they know how to take care of a cough!

Another lady posted a public service announcement and plea to the group.  Her big, shocking ( literally) discovery, was that the new HEB grocery store baskets gave static electric shocks to people.  She wanted everyone to call and complain to the store about how unsafe their baskets were.  Wow.  And all this time I thought we as humans, generated our own static electricity!  What do you know.  It’s been grocery carts all along.  Someone give this lady a research grant.

I don’t know everything, but that’s ok, because when I do have a question, I’ll be sure to visit one of these Ask groups since they seem to know it all…but first I’ll call HEB!




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