And the Oscar goes to…yawn.

Princess Grace ExhibitGlamorous dresses, lines of limousines forming and creeping like slithering, snakes, reporters and photographers yelling people’s names, and a bright, red carpet.  It’s all about honoring Hollywood.  People who live what 98% of the world will never experience or know, yet we’re supposed to tune in and clap for them.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love movies and find the celebrity lifestyle intriguing.  But, the last few years of the Oscars have left me unsatisfied for several reasons.

Political speeches are becoming redundant.  I get it.  Hollywood celebs love the Democrat party, want equal pay, hug trees, and think Meryl Streep is God’s gift to mankind.  And for the record, I love Meryl.  However, when everyone gets on stage and says the same thing, the echo effect takes control, and a four-hour long broadcast is quickly about to become five!  I’m all for free speech, but just say your “thank yous” and move on to the next category.  Millennials, whose attention span may be ten seconds, are about done with the accolade parade as well.

The fashion parade and commentary is the same.  Celebrities are asked who they are wearing, how much the jewelry is worth, and my favorite question; “How long did it take you to get ready?”  That’s a loaded one.  And the dresses that the actresses are wearing cost more than what some people earn in a year. It was only fun to watch it when the late Joan Rivers was there to add her snide remarks to the fashion mishaps.  It’s not the same without her.

Finally, the viewership goes down every year.  Stats further bolster my argument, and the cable tv shows dominate the ratings, along with the 24 hour news cycle. Viewers find highly paid actors patting each other on the back a little…well…boring.

Kick it up a notch Oscars producers!  Recognize some people who help America run day-to-day.  Let’s roll out the red carpet for teachers, police officers, fire fighters, veterans and their spouses, volunteers, and so many more.  Instead of giving out $30,000 gift baskets to presenters and award winners, automatically donate to a charity that will make a difference in a person’s life.

How long will it take you to get ready?


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